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Proud Papa

Our first hurricane

 Oh my baby girl, you were my peace in the middle of the storm, holding you was and still is my paradise. Spending these 3 months with you has been of another world, I look forward to every second with you for the rest of our life.

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Our first Havdalah!

Our first Havdalah! The worse of the hurricane had passed, we had no energy but we were all happy and safe. Starting new traditions.

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❤️ Our First Shabbat ❤️

❤️ Our First Shabbat ❤️ Right after a c-section and right before hurricane Irma. Unforgettable, everything this past months has been unforgettable, there is no other word to describe the feeling of being so happy because of the birth of our baby girl, being in pain because of the surgery and worry…

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My mom carrying our baby girl

My mom carrying our baby girl. The woman I admire the most, she raised me with all the opportunities for me to succeed. Seeing two of the humans I love the most together with such love is an unforgettable moment. Thank you mom for making my life so amazing. ❤️ #mommylife#mystory #mommyandm…

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First night


First night with our princess, no sleep, super cold but unforgettable! The sensation of becoming a mother is something incredible, looking into her eyes, hugging her and breastfeeding her... the love I feel for her is something I have never felt in my life. We love her unconditionally fore…

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September 7th our baby girl was born!

September 7th our baby girl was born! She kicked the doctor and pee in him as a way of saying thank you

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We're pregnant!

January 2016 We discover we were pregnant! We had just arrived from our vacation in New Mexico the night before, I woke up early to do the test and woke him up with the amazing news!!! It was just what we wanted and hoped for, so we were thrilled!!!

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We started living together!

The day I moved in. After getting everything in the car we went to eat pizza and his toe was injured from a sofa that felt on his feet!

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The day we met on J-Date


So this last two years have been the most amazing in my life! In 2016 I met, moved in and married the love of my life! By the end of the year we were pregnant with the biggest blessing ever, our little baby girl! We had no idea how much our life was going to change for the better! It all s…

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Our first date

Our last first date❤️ February 18 / 2016 one of the best evenings of my life. I met HIM. The father of my baby girl. My other half. The man of my dreams. The ONE that I will spend the rest of my life with. #love #firstlastdate #childrenillustrator#everydaysketch #mommylife#everydaydrawin…

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Rainy Walk

Yesterday morning was so funny.

When we walked Paco it started to rain and

we were able to get under a little roof.

When we notice, We were all dry but my belly

was getting wet since it didn't fit under the roof.

Then Mark cover it with his hands, such a funny

moment we were laughing for lik…

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Morning Cuddles

This illustration is inspired on our mornings in family.

I like to treasure moments like this with cute illustrations

to make them memorable since I feel the most special

moments in life are those little ones that make our life wonderful.

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19 weeks pregnant

I always wonder what you are doing down there ❤️

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Yom Kippur

Last Week Shabbat Shalom illustration

I forgot to post last week Shabbat Shalom! but here it is :)

Stay tuned every Friday to see the new Shabbat painting or illustration



This is the latest Shabbat I'm working on. It will be ready by Monday so stay tuned to see how it looks!

Love it and want one for you? E-mail me at to give you a quote.


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Shabbat Shalom everyone!!


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Wishing everyone a good week full of blessings, health and happiness!


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