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Blog posts September 2017

Proud Papa

Our first hurricane

 Oh my baby girl, you were my peace in the middle of the storm, holding you was and still is my paradise. Spending these 3 months with you has been of another world, I look forward to every second with you for the rest of our life.

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Our first Havdalah!

Our first Havdalah! The worse of the hurricane had passed, we had no energy but we were all happy and safe. Starting new traditions.

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❤️ Our First Shabbat ❤️

❤️ Our First Shabbat ❤️ Right after a c-section and right before hurricane Irma. Unforgettable, everything this past months has been unforgettable, there is no other word to describe the feeling of being so happy because of the birth of our baby girl, being in pain because of the surgery and worry…

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My mom carrying our baby girl

My mom carrying our baby girl. The woman I admire the most, she raised me with all the opportunities for me to succeed. Seeing two of the humans I love the most together with such love is an unforgettable moment. Thank you mom for making my life so amazing. ❤️ #mommylife#mystory #mommyandm…

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First night


First night with our princess, no sleep, super cold but unforgettable! The sensation of becoming a mother is something incredible, looking into her eyes, hugging her and breastfeeding her... the love I feel for her is something I have never felt in my life. We love her unconditionally fore…

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September 7th our baby girl was born!

September 7th our baby girl was born! She kicked the doctor and pee in him as a way of saying thank you

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