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Blog posts January 2016

I love the  Society of Children Writers and Illustrators conferences!

This illustration was made during the Society of Children Writers & Illustrators Conference in Miami, Florida.

I thought it was so funny when Michelle Hodkin told us the story of all her agents and how one quit to become a FBI agent!.


I love assisting to this conferences because I learn a l…

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The importance of a well behaved dog

Having a dog is one of the best things you can do in life, they are the best companions!
A house broken, well behaved pet makes life much easier for owners. But how to teach these things to your dog? Well they’re many ways, what you will need is a lot of patience and consta…

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Charles Chaplin

This illustration is an interpretation of a still from “ City Lights” (1931) a movie where Charles Chaplin the famous comic actor, considered one of the most influential figures in the film industry of all times, he could make people laugh without a single word. 

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Lascaux Caves

The paintings found in the Lascaux cave are some of the oldest pieces of art known to men, estimated to be 17,300 years old. Discovered by teenagers in the South West of France in 1940.
Inside the cavern they were found approximately 1500 animal paintings from…

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This Illustration is a portrait of James Joyce, the famous author of Ulysses written in 1922 and considered one of the best novels of the English language in the 20th century.
It’s based in one single day following three major characters -Stephen Dedalus, Leopo…

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The Alphabet

The alphabet started around  2000 BC because of the Egiptians necessety to communicate with their slaves.
The hieroglyphics were too complicated and hard to learn which became a problem at the time; each idea and word had symbols that only few Egyptians knew how to writ…

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